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Hi, I will be graduating this semester with my BSN and I was wondering if I am able to take an ACLS class to get certified. Do you think this will help me get a job as a new grad? Also does anyone... Read More

  1. by   lunchboxPM
    Ok, so I was at AZ Academy of Emergency Services today, I asked about an ACLS class for new grad nurses and they said that one of the owners actually puts on an ACLS class specifically for new grads. I guess his wife is a nurse, and she convinced him to do it. Hope32, get your buddies together and get a class going there. It would be just you guys, no medics or RTs, or docs, just you new grads.
  2. by   Hope32
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    My advice would be to get all the people you can find who want to, then call them and say we got this many nurses who want initial ACLS cert. The classes they have are very reasonable as it is, so I would imagine if you came to then with students, they will be more than fair. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
    Hi I called today, they are working on getting the class together. The price is $50 more with the AZ emergency people than the hospital I found. But I may go with them because they are for new grad nurses. Thanks for your help
  3. by   lunchboxPM
    Hope32, did you talk to a girl named -----? I think I was standing there when you called! I actually got offered an instructor position with them today. It is more money because we teach more. We actually put on an extra day for new grads.
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  4. by   Hope32
    I don't remember her saying her name. I called around five pm, I was surprised anyone answered to be honest. That's awesome about the teaching position! congrats