Are you using PreSep catheters as part of your sepsis protocol?

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We have PreSep's as part of our protocol, but they aren't being used as much as I would like. We do not currently have intensivists, so hospitalists run the show (on a good day! I hate it when a family practice doc is primary), and these days the PreSep is underutilized. An ICU nurse who recently began floating told me she was working ED and asked one of the docs to put a PreSep in and he didn't even know what it was.

Is anyone using this tool consistently? Not at all?


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Do you mean that Cvc specifically or just that type? There is a lot of edu that has to take place when starting sepsis edu. We utilize a protocol that spells out when the sepsis cvc should be used. Any question let me know.

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I mean the PreSep catheter. It tracks the ScvO2, CVP, SV, SVV etc. It basically gets all the numbers a swan can get except for wedge pressure.

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So this ICU is the only one I've worked in, and maybe the PreSep isn't as popular as I had assumed. It's extremely useful and I hope it's use increases. I walked into ICU without any prior critical care knowledge, and with this as tool presented as par for the course.

If anyone is interested, here is the Edward's site. Edwards makes PreSep (and swan ganz)


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They are part of our sepsis bundle. We like them!



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They're great if your facility uses them but not all ICU's carry them. However, nothing beats a really good, focused physical assessment alongside accompanying labs... something that every ICU is capable of doing.

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the presep cath is part of our protocol..(almost) every septic patient gets one..i say almost because some already have a standard central line, and our facility doesnt like to pull the existing line if we dont absolutely have to and replace it with another one..infection reasons i guess. Some of the septic patients that are not extremely critical dont get one, and some docs simply dont like them. We did have to call anesthesia to place a line in a patient on a weekend a few weeks ago..the on call anesthesiologist didnt even know what it was, and refused to place it because of the low platelet we called in the doc who usually places them. on some of our patients, we monitor CVP with a PICC line as well. I guess it really boils down to the doc, and whether or not the nurse follows the protocol (yes, some do not)...but to answer the question..yes it is part of our protocol, but not always used.


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we use the vigileo to monitor scvo2. usually if a pt is septic we almost always are monitoring this. most units i've worked in monitor this as well, even the crappier hospitals i've worked at:)

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