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Are two lab classes in one semester doable?

by achung101 achung101 (New) New Student

Basically, to make the application deadline to the school that I want to apply to, I have to take two science/lab classes in the next fall and Spring.

Chem 1 and Physiology in the fall

Chem 2 and Microbio in the Spring

Do you guys think its doable? I am not a bad student, but I'm not insanely bright either. I have an A in anatomy right now and have a 4.0 GPA so far my first two semesters at community college (28 credits so far but a lot were easy general ed classes).

I'm trying to take a lot of general ed classes this Summer to free up time for the fall and next Spring, so I can just take my two lab classes in each semester, nothing else.

I most likely will quit my part-time job by then and I don't have any kids/other responsibilities. But my study habits are not the best and I get distracted easily. So in conclusion, have you guys taken 2 labs together and how was your experience?

Sounds doable to me, but I'm science inclined. Took A&P3 and Micro with lab in the same quarter as Pathophysiology and Community Health, came out of it with 3 A's and 1 B. If there's a break between terms, front load on the material in preparation. I had already read about a third of the A&P material going into that term. Take the Summer term to drill down on your focus and study habits. If the Summer courses are that easy, spend free time watching Crash Course or other overviews of the materials you'll be covering when taking 2 labs. Physio can be quite hard.

I think it is doable. I have taken multiple science classes at once. Sometimes the information overlaps and it may be beneficial for you in that way. I also think it will be good preparation for school because you will be used to a heavy schedule.