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Are you sure its not a full moon!?!?!

Thought everyone would get a good laugh out of this one. I am an ED secretary and here is a run down of patients I have seen in the last 7 hours....

1) The Santa guy. Patient was brought to the ED by ambulance dressed in a Santa costume, with no explanation as to why. He generally believes he is Santa. Baker act anyone? :santa:

2) The 1,024 lb man, no seriously. Chief complaint, sore feet. Turns out he has cellulitis of the feet, and has been wearing the same socks for 6 months. 6 MONTHS PEOPLE! They had begun to graft into his skin. The smell was awful.

3) The National Anthem man. Patient sits indian style on his bed, naked, and sings the national anthem at the top of his lungs. Constantly. Baker act. (Ohhh say can you see....:yawn:)

4) The Walmart woman. Brought in by Police for stabbing someone at Walmart. In the cereal aisle, nonetheless. What could be so violent about frosted flakes? Baker act.

5) The cute little old man who is going to jail, apparently. Had a little old man ask to borrow my phone to call the police. He said the nurses in the ED were trying to 'incarcerate him' against his will. He broke his leg and was being sent to a rehab facility. He thought it meant jail. Figures.

And last but CERTAINLY not least number 6, Mr. Foreign Object. Mr. Foreign Object lodged a toy race car in himself. I am not telling you where, but I am sure you can figure it out. All I can say is "WWWHHHYYYYY?????" :smackingf

Never a boring day in the ER!! I think I might go hide somewhere safe. :chair:

I almost forgot one!!

We also had an inmate patient who had a guard in his room. He kept pushing the call button over and over and over. So the guard takes it away from him. So what does he do? Pushes the code button! Brilliant!:yeah:


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There must have been something about the night of the 23rd/24th... because my shift was he77 too. Had one that was ripping out IVs, climbing out over his bed rails, pocketing his meds.... added to the others that I swear had to get up to go poop/pee every hour. I was constantly rounding rooms, get to the end and the first one would start again. Something was in the air I tell ya!!!

I wonder if non-FL nurses knows what a Baker Act is? :D


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