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Are your pets suffering from Separation Anxiety?


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Being away for school can be sad for both the pet and the owner. Is this you? How are you handling it? How is your pet handling it? :D For those who have gone through this, do you have an tips? We are all pet lovers please share your experience.

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I think what was the hardest was losing a pet during the end of the first quarter and having all the "this is the reality of death" lectures come our way. I am thinking about getting another pet but I cannot really see it being feasible at the moment -- I am a little too busy to take care of a puppy but my partner will be here so it's still a viable option. I keep trying to convince myself that it will be a good way to structure some "outside" time since I'll have a good excuse to put the books down and walk the pup.


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My little weasel stays in my mom's room until I come home, then he barks to be let out, runs to me to see if I have treats, gives me a look after seeing I have none as if to say "What took you so long that you didn't even bring treats?", then runs back to mom's room while I dive into bed dreaming of oblivion. This is a daily ritual until next May...