Are Orlando Health RN's Happier than Florida Hospital Rns?


Hi, any ORMC RN's out there? I would love some feedback on the state of nursing at your facility.

So many of us nurses at Florida Hospital in Orlando are feeling more overwhelmed, and yes helpless than ever before.

Management keeps adding tasks and at the same time taking away resources. Examples include nurses have to accompany patients off the floor along with transport and our techs no longer doing vital signs or accu-checks. It has gotten completely unmanageable, the moral is low, and it is not the end. We are soon increasing our ratio. We use to have transport nurses who took our patients to procedures but that is a thing of the past.

It seems they are setting nurses up for failure and putting patient safety at risk all due to the budget.


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I have a buddy who works at OH and he says the same thing. Increasing ratios, push backs, increase tasks, etc. Sounds like those two hospitals are operating the same way. Frying pan and fire. Sounds like nurses everywhere are being set up for failure.