Are online RN-to-BSN programs honored by all hospitals?

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If one attains an ADN from a community college, gets licensed by passing the NCLEX and then decides to go for their BSN in the comfort of their home through an online program as they work at a hospital, will hospitals generally accept their new degree once they have completed the online course or will they have a hard time accepting the BSN since it was attained online?

In other words, say Nurse A has recently graduated with an ADN and has just passed the boards and become licensed. Most hospitals give him/her work but there are a few that won't hire unless she/he has a BSN or is currently working on his/her BSN. Will the fact that Nurse A has started to work on her/his BSN from home provide any difficulty from the hospital in honoring nurse A's ongoing efforts in regards to hiring Nurse A?

Moreover, if Nurse A has then attained the BSN through the online course, will there be a problem with any of the local hospitals that generally hire only BSN's? Will they fully honor the online BSN or will they prefer nurses with in-class experience?

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In the case of online learning, completing a RN to BSN is usually a safe bet if the program is accredited. Lots of people do online completion programs. Actually, I have yet to see or hear of a hospital that actually cares where or how you got your RN to BSN.

The only trouble with online learning is some states have problems with student who get their original RN (ADN or BSN) education from an online school. I'm not making a judgment call as to whether these school are good or bad, I'm just saying that some state BONs (Boards of Nursing) have problems with them, but usually (again, I can't think of anyplace that would have a long as it's accredited) the RN to BSN is perfectly acceptable.

There is also a Student section on this site with a Distance Learning forum. You may want to check it out.


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How long are those programs and are they expensive in s. cali?


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The University of Wyoming has an RN to BSN program that's on-line. This degree is no less credible than if you actually attend the brick and mortar university, and even with out of state tuition costs may be less than a program than only services an on-line student body.


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Phoenix University online program is the best and accepted in many hospitals write to them.


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I am at the moment starting my Legal nurse consultant at Kaplan University online Jose you are right, I forgot about Kaplan having such a wonderful program RN BSN -MSN program online thanks for your wonderful advice. I thought it was Phoenix University because they sent me to Kaplan University for this program.

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