Are there any MICU/SICU ICU opportunities outside the United States for husband/wife.

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teams? If so what countries (or territories since we would be interested in Guam, American Samoa ect) might have these sort of opportunities?

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Guam and American Samoa have needs but if you are looking for a salary similar to what you would get on the mainland, you are in for a major cultural shock. Plus, I am not sure if you are familiar with the weather conditions over there. They have been hit quite hard during the past two typhoon seasons and this one isn't over yet....................many homes damaged, no electricity for days, no boats bringing supplies, etc.

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You were asking about other countries, but then listed American Samoa and Guam.................they are American possessions and follow American rules.

If specifically looking for other countries, there is Europe. With some of the countries, you would be expected to speak their language and pass their nursing boards in that language. You also have Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, plus all of the islands in the Caribbean.

Where ever there are people, there are going to be patients........... :balloons:


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I can't get excited about the Caribbean, it's pretty but not really that exotic.

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You have to be more specific in what you are looking for. Sure there is the South Pacific, but prices are absolutely ridiculous. Average price of about $13 for a sandwich on Moorea or Bora Bora. And you need to speak French.

The world is wide open to you, but you have to pick the place......... :balloons:


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I recently completed working in the US territory of Saipan on a 2 year contract. The pay was $25 an hour plus a monthly housing stipend. The government of Saipan paid all expenses for flying me and shipping my belongings to and from Saipan. In addition people who work in Saipan don't pay into federal income tax or social security so there are very few deductions taken out of your pay check.

Even though Saipan is a US territory it is more like a third world country. I had read alot about Saipan and talked to people who had lived there before I went but I still wasn't prepared for what life is like there.

I am glad I had the experience of living and working in Saipan but I did not enjoy it. If you want to more details about what life is like in Saipan check out the website

Saipan is located near Guam and the economy in Guam is very bad. Rent there is much much higher than in Saipan and the pay for nurses is lower. The University of Guam has a nursing program that fills the nursing needs for their hospital and I heard a few months ago that there were no open nursing positions at the hospital.


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I found a website, that helps nurses travel to Austrailia and the UK. I am currently working with a recruiter for a contract in Beerwah, Queensland. The license process takes about 7 months. Hope this helps. Lori

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