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Are you glad you got your LPN first?

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Hi all,

I am looking for a little advice. :)I am currently in an ADN program and almost finished with my LPN. My plan has always been to finish the program and get my RN. I also stay home with my 2 kiddos and we are thinking about having a third now. So my big dilemma is whether to plow through (which would be 2.5 more years since I am part-time) having a baby and all or take a break after I have my LPN. I wouldn't mind working as an LPN for a bit, but I worry about not being able to get a job since I don't have any CNA experience. So all of you LPN's out there, do you wish you would have done the RN thing right away or are you glad you did your LPN first? How is the LPN-RN program compared to the LPN program? I am worried that if I throw a pregnancy (feeling so sick) and then a baby in there, things could get a little too crazy! But our youngest is 3 so we really don't want to wait 2.5 more years to start trying for a baby. Any advice? Thanks in advance :)

Hello! First, I have to say that everybody is different, everybody has their own priorities, so at the end is up to you. I got my LPN first and now thanks God I am about to start my RN bridge program :lol2: yeahh!!. As a LPN what I experience was a shortage of job oportunities. There are not to many LPN jobs available. I ended working mostly as a MA in a doctor's office. I will recommend you to finish the program, you are in already and I am pretty sure you already have your own method to study and to spend time with your family. If you and your husband do not want to wait 2.5 years to finish your RN and have a baby, maybe you and your husband should talk about the posibility of doing a sacrifice and have you finish your RN in a full time basis in less time. At least you guys already have 2 babies. My husband and I are doing this sacrifice, we are 5 years married and still we have about 1 more year until I finish my RN program so we can have our 1st. baby. We agreed that our education was first so then we could provide to our kids with everything they could need, meaning emotionally and economically. Believe me it is not a easy thing to do but it can be done. Hopefully this will help you a little bit. Good luck!!;)

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I'm glad I got my LPN first ! I'm able to gain experience and earn a decent hourly wage while pursing RN. Plus LPN school makes RN school a little easier.

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I've been an LPN for 12 years. I am VERY glad I got my LPN first. I've had no issues with finding jobs, but it depends on where you live. Just as before my LPN, I was a CNA. It has given me so much more insight into the jobs each of these do. I appreciate my CNA's more, and tend to help them out more than most nurses who never started at that level, and say, "That's not my job." Not to mention, the experience I've gotten will make me a better RN out of school than being an RN with no experience at all. Plus, I've worked in a great career and gotten stable financially and with my family and am now able to take "me time" and finish up with my RN (actually, getting my RN out of the way, but going all the way to my Doctorate).

Personally, I feel climbing the ladder -so to speak- helps you appreciate those you will be in charge of. And, IMHO, keeps you from getting lazyitis (allowing the LPN and CNA to do "that" because "that" isn't "my" job - these cross word puzzles are- LOL). Not all RNs (and some LPNs -with CNAs) are like that by any means... but some are... and the ones I've worked with that are like that are the ones who have never walked in shoes "less than" an RN.

All that to say, your LPN is a good pause point. Just be aware, life takes over and sometimes it is a bit more difficult to go back. I planned on doing this over 5 years ago... but it's getting done NOW... so... no worries. My LPN has allowed me to gain a LOT of great experience, and has allowed me to find my niche in nursing.


If possible get your RN. I wanted to get my RN, but stopped at LPN when my first husband wanted to move out of state. I'm 59 now and I have a job as a LPN that I love, yet I do wish I had my RN. The medical center I work at has many more RN job openings and opportunities than LPN jobs and very few opportunities for growth. Also the pay for RN's is very good!


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