Are these courses too much? Help!



I am slated to take the following next Spring and need some input. I am registered for Anatomy, Chemistry and Sign Language. I am currently a straight A student.

I took A & P over the summer and received an A. I studied my booty off. The Anatomy course in Spring is my required pre-req for our nursing program. The summer course was not, although highly recommended. My summer A & P was a great warm up for what's to come, hopefully. I learned a great deal and most of what I learned is stored in my long term memory bank to use.

My upcoming Chem professor is supposed to be awesome, as is the Anatomy professor. Am I biting off too much here? Side: I am a full time student, married with support from hubby, and 2 kids, ages 11 and 13.

Remaining Science courses: Micro and Physio. I can split these two up and probably will.

Thank you!!


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I think you will be fine! I took Chemistry and A&P I this semester while working full time, commuting 2 hrs/day and volunteering a couple hours a week. It definitely is a ton of work but I think without a job 3 classes is absolutely doable. If you were working, I might advise differently.


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Thank you Dee789. I appreciate your feedback. I honestly go back and forth regarding what to do in terms of school work load. I was in a total mind-set of get it done, AND I can do all things. BUT...well meaning friends get wind of my upcoming schedule and cast doubt my way. I toggle between taking their advice or not, knowing they have the best intentions.

I saw my Uncle yesterday who is a the president at one of our local community colleges, and heavily involved in education. I was pretty surprised when he told me that I should NOT slow down. He said students that draw out their education don't often perform better than students that hammer it all out. Also, he told me to consider the year of potential loss of income, and life getting in the way. I value his opinion, so I may be jumping back on the I can finish up my pre-reqs by the end of 2014!

Good luck to you!