Are we burnt out already


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A question for all of us. Are we getting tired of the way the news agencies and all are spouting death and doom and dire straits for the world with all this swine flu hype. Have the news companies pigged us out on swine flu hysteria.

Have any of the hospitals you work in have meetings to determine how to deal with the swine flu. Mine has

Have you recieved extra supplies of face masks and handwashing bottles to place around the hospital. Mine has

Has you hospital printed out Swine Flu brochures on how to avoid the flu and how to treat its symptoms. Mine has

Has you hospital called a general staff meeting to help prepare for the Swine flu. mine has.

mama_d, BSN, RN

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We have had four confirmed cases of swine flu at my facility, so it's very much on everyone's mind. Not all of the cases have ended with the patient doing so well, either.

Knowing what I do about some of the cases we've had, I'm getting more concerned about H1N1. One of the RTs came from coding a patient with it to our floor and put his hand on my shoulder...I barely restrained myself from asking him if he had washed his hands well. I'm sure he did, but I've got kidlets to worry about, so it's making me even more leery about it.

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