Are ATI assessments similar to practice exams?


In a few days I am taking the Maternal Newborn and Nursing Care of Children proctored assessments. I am wondering if they are similar to the assessments? I have taken the assessments, A and B in each, wrote them down, and created flashcards. Wondering if this will be helpful?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Not at all. The proctored exams use an entirely different pool of questions and you'll find that the exams are not consistent with the books. I actually just made a thread about my issues with ATI.


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Any suggestions on the best way to prepare?

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I felt like the practice tests were always more difficult than the actual proctored exams. I got most of my study material from my lecture notes, powerpoints, and textbook. I do read through the ATI books, but the bulk of studying is done in actual class material. I've always gotten a level 3 (except for the level 2 I got on pharm-ugh).


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Ok, Thank you! I've taken the assessments and am getting 96-98%. So hoping this means I will do well on the exams. One would think they model the assessments to be similar to the exams!

Thanks again!