Are we allowed to practice as we were taught?

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I would like to create a POLL to find out how often we are allowed to practice nursing as we were taught to do so in nursing school. Nursing school was HARD. I don't know about your program, but my instructors were TOUGH! They focused on every little detail as being VERY IMPORTANT. And anyone who makes it through a nursing program expects to continue to do what they were taught and to the standard they were taught when they start working. Think of all aspects of the process that we were taught (hands-on patient care, patient teaching, care plans, technical skills, charting, continuing education, therapeutic communication with patients, co-workers, MDs, and patient's families, also think about what we expected to have time to do; sit with a dying patient, hold the hand of a 93 year old lady who is scared in the middle of the night, keep a neat, orderly working environment, and anything else you expected to have the time to do. Please answer in two parts, ie; 75% of the time I feel I get the time to do 75% of what I was taught in the manner and to the standard that I was taught. I hope to see ALOT of responses. This poll is not for any special reason, just wondering.....

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