Are there any agencies that give money up front?before 1st check?


The one thing keeping me from signing with an agency is the lack of money to travel to the location with. Do you know of any agencies that give up front allowances at least enough until 1st paycheck. I have great experience and references but have been out of work for last 6 mos (by choice) so I don't have the funds up front.


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Shaaah Right... Maybe if it was 2005 or something. You would also probably need more that just gas/hotel $$-- Dont forget about housing deposits, food, parking, emergencies, etc. Keep in mind it could take at LEAST 2 weeks before getting a paycheck & there is 1 company out there that actually holds your 1st check..

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Please don't even consider starting traveling (especially now) without at least enough money in the bank to cover 3-6 months of your fixed expenses!

Here is why - just a few examples from 15 years of traveling: Nothing is certain in traveling - you could get all the way to the assignment and be cancelled - before or after the first day. Then you have no money and no place to stay. (The housing goes with the contract). You could have major car trouble halfway to the contract.(I had to buy a new vehicle at my last contract,or put a new transmission in an old truck) You could have unexpected medical expenses. (Just yesterday I had to find a dentist in a small town to replace a cap on a front tooth immediately. $1100.00 later.....)

All of these things are manageable only if you have your emergency fund. If you don't it is a disaster.


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There is also a huge misconception that should be clarified...

Staffing Agencies are not "Travel Agencies" & Recruiters are not "Travel Agents". The mission they have is to fill in the scheduling gaps at whatever hospital they are in business with. It is not their duty to send people off to exotic locations, set up hotels, pay for meals, arrange transportation, hold-people's hands, etc.

Yes, pretty much all of them do these things, most recruiters will go out of there way to assist, but all of that is secondary to the real mission-- Servicing the needs of the client. (You are not the Client).

If someone called me with a job offer and then told me they would pay upfront travel allowences to get me through the first paycheck, my first answer would be--Whats the Catch? Something sounds just a little too good to be true...