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by Lookingforhope Lookingforhope (New) New Nurse

Specializes in Critical care. Has 10 years experience.

Recently someone very close to my heart was admitted to the critical care unit with possible covid infection. He later rapidly progressed to full blown ARDS, maxed on three vasopressors, INO and max vent settings as well as being in a rotoprone bed. To note he’s under the age of 40 with no preexisting medical conditions.

It’s been the worst experience of my life seeing someone I love be so sick. But, to my surprise he is improving. Off of all pressor support, off INO and slowly having his PEEP weaned. I am worried about him going into cardiac arrest at some point (happens to some covid patients as they’re recovering) but so far his cardiac work up has been normal. Needless to say, I’m very hopeful in his recovery. If we don’t remain hopeful, what do we even have left?

I'm sorry to hear you and your loved one are going through this. Best wishes for a full recovery.

Sometimes people don't consider hypertension much of a "disease" because it's never caused a symptom and they say (and think) that they don't have any health conditions. Are you absolutely positive he wasn't on any medication for hypertension?