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Anyone applying for Fall 2018 Monrovia or Azusa start in September?

Hi! I am applying for Fall 18 @ IE. I have my applicant interview tomorrow 4/24 @ 9:30 AM. What about yourself?

Hi Nursealeyda!

How did you interview go!! How did they contact you I am applied for IE campus as well and keep missing them but I check emails DAILY. How do you thhink it went. Its so nerve wrecking the waiting game

Hi Jasmineh23! I believe my interview went well. They sent me an email and then I received a phone call to set up an interview date/time. Yes, I am now checking my emails every hour expecting an official acceptance. Have you interviewed yet?

Hi nursealeyda!

My interview is next week Tuesday :)...I am very nervous. Did they let you know when you should hear back about being accepted?

jasmineh23|| I wish you the best on your upcoming interview. She told me, sometime in May. I would like to hear from your experience after the interview. God bless you.

I do not see any other one who has posted their experiences...

Hi Nursealeyda, LVN! I had my interview today I think it went well? They stated we should hear back Mid June end of June :(

Seems so far away.... I think it went well I am kind of unsure I was beyond nervous and couldn't even gather the thoughts for the writing prompt haha

Have you heard anything else? I am hoping there is not many applicants haha she stated only 20 are chosen per cohort that totally shot me in the heart!

Good luck to you though :)

I am currently finishing the last items need to complete my application.... I am very nervous about the competency exam and the overall admissions process. The person assisting me with the application process sent me an email a few days ago with the missing items to which he add "to keep in mind that not everyone gets accepted".... needless to say this stayed with me and I am freaking out.

For those of you who already had their interviews, what kind of questions did they ask?

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Hi Lizzie!! do you have your competency exam scheduled already? I just turned in my application last week and I was told they don't start calling people for interviews for the fall cohort until after the deadline June 1st. It's such a long time to wait.

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Does anyone know how long does it usually take for them to call for interview after submitting the application?

Hi Yoda19,

For IE campus Fall start I have has my interview already on May 8th not sure if this is different for AZUSA campus! And we should hear back mid June end of June.

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