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I have completed my paperwork and I am so excited and nervous at the same time!!! I received an email from Ethan telling me that my application will be reviewed after June 1st for fall 2018 at the Monrovia campus. Anybody in the same boat as me out there???

One of my concerns is not being able to work (single parent here)...

Will financial aid cover the program? I have heard that they only cover a portion of the program...?

If anyone is already in the program at this campus can you give us who are waiting any insight as to what to expect?

Eeeeekkkk, so excited!!!

I got the email for interviewing!!! I will be interviewing this Wednesday...anybody else out there working on getting in for Fall 2018 Monrovia?

I am trying to get in for fall but have not recieved a call nor email.... Im starting to get sad.. i hope things go well for you with your interview, good luck!

Well from what Ethan told me, he said that applications for Fall 18 will be reviewed starting June 1st so I'm sure you'll hear something soon =) Thank you. I'll post how it went after my interview.

Thanks good luck to you!

How did your interview go?

It went good. First they had me do a writing prompt. Then The interview by one of the instructors. After the interview the project manager said they were gonna review all my paperwork then get back to me. Didn't say how long I had to wait to hear back.

Thats good, a writing prompt of what?

It was a random question. Something like "If you could pick 2 people to have coffe or tea with, who would they be and what would you talk about?"...

Have you gotten a call or email yet?

Hi there! Have you received any news?

Yes i had my interview and i am now waiting on a decision...

Yeayyy!!! The anticipation is killing me!

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