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Hi all,

I am really conflicted about which school/program to choose! I got into SFSU GMSN - CNS Women's Health and APUs BSN/MSN FNP program. SFSU takes 3.5 years and I would not get my RN for 2.5 years or 5 semesters, after which I could work and take the remainder of the MSN program part time. SFSU does not offer summer classes =(. At APU I would get my BSN after 1.5 years and then go on to MSN/FNP either part or full time which would take another 1.5- 2.5 years. APU is an accelerated program. SFSU is higher ranked and is essentially free for me, besides the cost of living in SF. (But I am trying not to make my decisions based on money).

My current ultimate goal is work in women's health or maternity in a community clinic type of setting.

Any thoughts? Any insight?

Even though you don't want to make a decision based on money, it needs to be considered. I would choose the higher ranked school. It's ranked higher for a reason. APU is an amazing program as well as SFSU but it's all about your preference and which you think is a better fit for you. Good luck and congrats on getting into two amazing schools/programs!

Its true, money should be considered. It is not a make it or break it issue for me though. SFSU is higher ranked, but I am not sure about the CNS certification. I really want the NP cert, eventually. Although SFSU does offer a FNP post masters certificate that differs from the CNS MSN degree by only 3 courses so I would not be too far from getting the FNP if I wanted to. Oh decisions decisions!

Well, what does you gut tell you? It sounds like it's going towards APU!

I am actually leaning towards SFSU. But I am afraid I am making a mistake!! Would it be a big mistake to get an MSN-CNS when I ultimately want to work in a clinic setting. I think I would probably have to go back to get my FNP... I really like the idea of specializing in Women's Health at SFSU, but I am worried that I might actually be better of getting the FNP from APU. I guess i feel like APU is a more practical degree. Has anyone who ultimately wanted to work in the capacity of a NP gone to a ELMSN- CNS program?

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