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APU ELM Program Current students or Alumni: please please share your experience!

There are many prospective students for the Azusa Pacific ELM program starting soon so I would like to please ask if you can take a minute and share your experience with the program? As the start date grows closer, I am getting very fearful about it and some others have also began to have doubts about nursing overall.

For starters can you please answer:

-How long did you complete the MSN portion?

- Did you work and study during the MSN portion? If so, did APU help with finding a position? If not, was it hard to even find a job as new BSN?

- Something that surprised you the most about workload or about the program in general? (something that you would have done differently now that you have experienced it)

- Advice for those about to start the program?

Please please share your experience about the APU ELM program, we are starting to grow scared about it so please, anything helps. THank you so much!

*** I also have a question about what to do before I start the program. Should I review anything ahead of time ? I will like to be productive before I start***:)

Thank You in advance.


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