Applying for upper division at the University of South Alabama as a transfer

U.S.A. Alabama


I am currently a freshman at the University of Alabama but I am transferring to the University of South Alabama (closer to home, more comfortable environment, more friends). I am already planning on doing two pre-req courses at a local community college this summer and then I will transfer to south for fall 2014. But, then I thought "well since I am already going to be at the community college this summer, why not stay there throughout my whole sophomore year and get all my pre-reqs done there?" Then I will apply into the upper division nursing program as a transfer student. It will save a lot of money and will probably be easier. I thought that was a better idea, but my mom and I are worried that when applying into the upper division nursing program, they will chose students that took all their pre-reqs at the University of South Alabama over transfer students. By the end of this semester my GPA will most likely be a 4.0 so I am not worried about my GPA. Just wondering what all they look at when accepting people into the nursing program and also if they only pick a certain amount of transfers.

Transfers do not matter, as I am a transfer and will be starting the nursing program this summer. However, there is a certain amount of applicants that the CON selects each semester, and they mainly look at the pre- reqs for nursing gpa.

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