Applying to transfer from community college to 4-year university


I'm currently a student at community college. I wanted to apply to transfer this year, but I'm beginning to doubt that I'll be competitive enough. Should I still apply? Please give me your opinion!

The major pre-requisites are:

- Statistics

- College Algebra

- Intro to Psychology

- Developmental Psychology

- Chemistry

- Microbiology

- Anatomy

- Physiology

They also do not require any volunteer hours.

By the time of application, December 10, 2012, I will have everything completed EXCEPT microbiology, anatomy, and physiology. (I'm taking micro and anatomy in the spring; physiology in the summer). I have a 4.0 GPA, am involved in an international honor society, but do not have any hospital-related volunteer hours. I was told that they do consider how many pre-requisites are completed at the time of application, but they did not specifically say that they weighed more importance on the science classes. Also, they typically get about 600 applicants, but only accept 60. Do you think I will I still be a competitive applicant if I don't have these three science classes completed at the time of application?

Thanks for the help!


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Honestly, I would wait until you complete at LEAST the Anatomy and Physiology before applying. You need that foundation for nursing school. But it really just depends how the spots at your school are decided. Are there any entrance tests? What other factors are part of their decision making process for spots? If its mainly GPA/Prerequisite completion, then I would say that you probably would not be even close, even though you have a 4.0, I'm sure that the school can find 60 people who have very close to the same but with all prerequisites complete. I would suggest you talk to an advisor at the school you hope to attend and find out what will make you most competitive. Good Luck, and don't be discouraged!! You're off to a really great start, and I'm sure that you will be selected as soon as you are able to complete those classes!