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Hi everyone! I’m applying to nursing schools in the fall and have a concern about how AP credits from high school will factor into my pre-nursing core GPA. I am currently finishing up my prerequisites at a community college and did not have to take English 101 because I passed my AP exam for it in high school. However, when nursing schools calculate your GPA, this course is factored into it. Since I don’t particularly have a grade for it, how does this weigh into my pre-nursing core GPA? Would I be better off just trying to take the course at community college so I can have a grade to show for it? Would that help my GPA in the long run? Or do they just count it as an A???
Any input would be appreciated, thank you all!


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You need to talk to someone from the program you wish to apply for. Every school is different in what they require and how they calculate prerequisites.

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Ditto to the above comment. I went to Mizzou's nursing school and had taken a few different AP classes. They counted as credit but did not factor into my GPA (which was a bummer because they would've raised my GPA 🤦‍♀️)