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Applying to Stony Brook Accelerated BSN Program


0Hi Everyone! So I'm interested in applying to Stony Brook's Accelerated Nursing Program for Fall 2018. What is the enrollment number? Currently Im taking my pre reqs. After this spring semester I have Organic Chem and Microbio left to take. Please let me know any info about your process of taking pre reqs & applying to Stony Brook. Thank you!

Also my gpa from my previous school was 2.9

and so far i got a B in A&P 1, A in Chem

currently taking A&P 2 and Developmental Psych

Any other programs you're applying to, or just the two you posted here?

Those are the only 2 schools I know about in NY that accept gpas under 3.0. I wouldn't mind going to surrounding states like New Jersey or Connecticut. But most schools need the 3.0 gpa from previous degree