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Hi I'm thinking of moving from Texas to Florida, my brother just recently moved there and it's beautiful. I have checked out many sites without success on applying for an out of state license. Does Florida give a temporary license? who do I contact? I would like a fresh start, after a hard divorce and difficult circumstances....just need to start over...any information or sites offering information would be greatly appreciated....thank you... smile.gif

You're in luck... it just so happens that I have a Florida RN license. If you go to:

Florida's department of health regulates RN licensure. The fees are expensive, and yes, they do give temporary practice permits although, if you get your paperwork in well in advance [as they move like turtles on diazepam], you can save the aggrivation and expense of a TPP.

Good luck

I am curious! If I apply to another state for license, will I still have to take the written exam or will I just pay my fees and receive a license?


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I have a nursing license in two states, West Va and Connecticut and no I did not have to sit for boards all over. They call it endorsement or reciprocity and you should be able to contact the state board of nursing that you wish to move to or obtain a license in and they will send you the criteria for obtaining licensure in their state. It is a slow process but, most states give you a temporary license until your paper work has cleared.

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A GREAT resource to check regarding all of your questions re: moving to Florida and changing over your licensure is at

Pick your state, or the one that you're interested in moving to and it will tell you everything you need to know....including the continuing education requirements, such as Texas requires 20 contact hours of Continuing Education per renewal period, But Florida requires 25 per renewal period. (it's nice to know ahead of time if you are a couple of hours short on that one).

I wish you the best of luck, I'm not even in nursing school yet....trying my hardest to get in this term : )

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I moved to Florida and my advice is to get your paperwork in as soon as possible before you get there. I sent my stuff in Express Mail..I figured-it's a big red and blue envelope-not likely to be missed and sit around on someone's desk. I would recommend sending it any way where it is required that a human being sign for it. Have copies of everything at home just in case something goes wrong. By time I got here, I still hadn't had my license yet, so I called the Board who verified my RN status in the other state, and they sent me a Temporary the next DAY! Just make sure you stay on top of it and mail it WELL ahead of when you will need it so you won't get worried when it comes down to the wire. The fees are pretty hefty..I think I paid about $175 or so, plus you will need to pay a fee to the TX Board so they can send verification of your licensure to the FL Board.

Good Luck! Florida's nice :D :)

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