Applying to nursing program after I get a business degree?

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Sorry this might be kind of long. I am currently a student at SF State, and I will be going into my junior year in the fall. I am still undeclared, and will have 52 units in May at the end of this semester.

I have recently discovered my interest in nursing. I also however, have an interest in business.

At my school, you cannot apply to the nursing program once you have 96 units. By the time I do all the nursing prerequisites (I have about 5 classes I still have to take before I can apply) I will be really really close to that 96. I am also worried that after I rush to get the prerequisites done in the next year, there's always that "What if I don't get in?" chance, which is high considering over 1,000 people apply for only 80 seats.

So, I came up with an idea to spend the next 2-3 years completing a business administration degree. At the same time, I was thinking I could do the prerequisite nursing classes. Once I graduate with my business degree, I was thinking I could then apply to the community college nursing program in my city.

I worry though that I am wasting my time and money. If I do business and do nursing right after, then was the business degree a total waste of time if I'm never going to use it as a nurse? Or, if I try to rush into nursing now, what if I don't get in? Then I'll be back trying to do business, and it's going to take me like 10 years to graduate!

Sorry this is so long, I am just feeling extremely lost and upset recently, wishing I could go back in time and do nursing from the beginning 2 years ago when I started college. I honestly don't know what to do. Hoping someone else has had a similar experience and can give me some advice.


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I have two bachelor degrees. Business admin and my BSN. Wishing you could go back in time is pointless. You are where you are. If you want to get your business degree then do the best you can because if you go for a second bachelors in nursing your GPA on the first degree matters. And yes start knocking out prereqs. Get the basics. AP I and II. Chemistry I and II. Microbiology. If you have thoese knocked out you are ahead of the game. There are more but those are pretty standard ones at most schools. "what ifs" are a part of life and a part of taking risks. You bet on yourself and you hit it hard. Make a decision and go. Good luck.