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applying for NS

Ok....so i have applied for NS....i really dont think i will get in,but i am going to give it a shot....

I have talked to the admission councilors from the college for the past 1 1/2 yrs.....I did my 2 pre-reqs last spring semester...chem and alg....i started A & P 1 last summer but withdrew due to a campaign....so i am starting it again this spring semester........the A & Ps and micro are co-reqs......all the english, writing psych classes i do not have to take as they transfer from my degree many yrs ago....

I emailed the counselor last week and asked him what else they would take into consideration besides GPA.....he told me even tho they choose the good academics that being a LPN and having letters of recommendations are good to have.....SO....I had a co-worker and a former classmate send one in....i had my LPN transcript sent in AND a former instructor sent a letter in as a student from the LPN class.....do you all think I should write an essay of sorts and send that in as well??

I firmly believe that they should take into consideration life experience,not just solely GPAs....one could be a brain and not be a good nurse....and what about all these young kids that get in and decide its not for them..wouldnt they be better off filling the slots with people who know and want it?

i am nervous as hell!!....

any other suggestions?

why I am nervous is....my GPA from my college days is not that good,i did graduate with an AAS in early childhood....and since then i got a b in alg and a c plus in chem...that should make it go up some....

thanks for your input

It may be more beneficial to also obtain a recommendation from a former supervisor/manager if you've been employed in the past.

I would also hate for a young person who has a passion for nursing to be passed over, solely because of his or her age. I think that many of the more "mature" students really want to pursue this profession, but it doesn't mean that the young ones are any less serious about it. After all, they still have to complete the same pre- and co-reqs. as the rest of us. I understand that many fresh-out-of-high school students will change their majors multiple times in the first few years of college, but for them to commit their first two years of study to these classes shows some level of intent and commitment.

Can you check with the prospective program admissions counselor and ask if they take essays or interviews into consideration?


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