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applying nclex

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Help..want to apply for nclex exam..but i don't understand which will be the first step.i currently reside in north carolina and wanting to apply nclex in the state of north carolina. Graduate from the philippines.so when i read the requirements for internationally graduates are: documentation of education(cgfns or ierf) 2.social sec number 3.ielts..my question is do i need first to pay the $75 application fee ?or i need the transcript of record to be evaluated first by cgfns or ierf..also can inchoose ierf over cgfns or it should be cgfns.please help

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You can choose which ever company is accepted by the state. Most companies take the same time for assessment which is 4 months approx.

I would start assessment first but you could still send application and fee to the state only they will not really do anything with your application until all relevant documents are in your file. IELTS results usually go to the company doing assessment but you can also request that results go to the state.

Remember you are not applying for NCLEX but to register as a licensed nurse. NCLEX is just a part of the process