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applying for NCLEX in IL


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God forbid any of my nursing instructors hear this...I just graduated and now I need to apply to take the NCLEX and kinda gotta admit I am a little lost at what to do next. I will be working in IL, so I go on the IL state board of nursing site and print out the application, but then what? Is there anything else I need to do? I know I need to get my fingerprints and what not...but I feel like I will be forgetting something. Do I also need to fill out some kind of PEARSON packet? I just want to get out there and WORK!...still need a job though...but sheeesh this whole process takes a while..can't wait till I can just get a job and be a real RN! :) Thanks for the help!

Absolutely all the information you need should be on the IL website. They have a huge packet of information there about how to apply for your license and testing. I would just go through it and read it sentence by sentence, taking notes on the actual steps you need to take. They have a checklist and everything. It's the best source of information you will find, frankly. Good luck!

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