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Applying to Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2016

by sasha_marie_88 sasha_marie_88 (New) New

I will be applying to Los Angeles Harbor College Nursing program for the Spring 2016 cohort, and I just wanted to get any advice that could potentially help me with this process. I understand that there will be two lottery processes after turning in the application, One that invites applicants to take the TEAS V And the second lottery will be used for the actual seats in the nursing program. Does any one know how many seats are there for the program? I have not took my TEAS yet, is there any advice on how to pass the TEAS? I already purchased the ATI study manual included with the two practice tests . Also is there any one else applying fro spring 2016 cohort at Los Angeles Harbor College? It would be great to hear feedback from other students applying to the same cohort or actual students that are in LAHC program now. I'm so nervous and excited about the journey

Also how much time do you recommend I spend on studying for the TEAS V.

Hi! I just took the TEAS at CSULB 3 days ago and I got high 90s in all the categories. I went over the manual and did each and every problem along with the practice tests. Studied for a week. I don't know if that helps? Good luck!

Yes this does help and thank you! Good luck on getting into CSULB. I have heard they have a great nursing program there.

I got accepted to LA Harbor College for Spring 2016!

How many times did you apply?