Applying for Georgia Highlands Spring semester?

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I am applying for Georgia Highlands spring semester and I have a few questions!

1. What is the school like? Is it in a nice location? What are the facilities like?

2. Is it a good program? I've also applied to GPC which is a 16 month program but I have heard better things about Highlands so if I get into both I'll have to weigh the options.

3. When will I most likely get a reply? The deadline for application is September 15th. I'll be sending in my application when summer semester is over and I have my grade (late July or early August). I should hear from GPC by September 30th and I am wondering if I'll hear from Highlands around the same time or later?

4. Lastly, by the time I apply I will have taken everything except A&P2. How will that effect my chances? Also, I have an associate degree (in education), will that mean anything?

Thank you all so much! I know there are a lot of questions here :lol2:

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i too will be applying for spring. and i actually have already been in the program before so i can answer a few of your questions. the program has pros and cons. hours r great mon-thur. on mon and thur u go from 9-12 on tues and wed from 9-4. the lab time sucks though, it is NOT hands on at all,and the facility is not nice at all. it looks like a big cafeteria that we sit in. which im a hands on learner so poo.

most of the teachers r very helpful though.

from what i know about people who have applied fro spring semester in the past. you do not get letters until late october i think.

if you will not have an a&p grade, it will lower your nursing worksheet score, the three science r worth .5 now, so they weigh them pretty heavily But as long as you have good grades in the other sciences, you may be fine. they just changed how they score the worksheet, so i think my score is in the mid 900s now. it was a 1300 something, which was a good score, i dont know how i stand now.

an associate degree will not mean anthing or help you in anyway. dont be dicouraged if you dont get in in the spring( i know i wont) bc they only take about 40 people out of 300. whereas in the fall you get a 100 plus accepted.

i dont know if that helped at all.

i hope we both get in! good luck!


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Thanks! GL to us both!

I will only be applying for the spring if I don't get in for Fall.

"it looks like a big cafeteria that we sit in"

LOL.... I think because that's what it used to be. The building that the Nursing/ dental hygiene department is located in is located in downtown Rome. It used to be East Rome Junior High until the early 90's. The location for the nursing dept is better than the GHC campus which is 6 miles south of Rome.

Prern Ashley, do you know how many days per week we have to go to clinicals?

prern ashley

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i heard you got into the fall! congrats. its lottery like i said before, but there r a couple options of one day a week. and the rest are two days a week. the 1 day a week is a 12 hours day, the other is 8 hours. the good news is, you dont go to class when you have clinicals. will be done with EVERYTHING except your final exam when you start clinicals. Thats right my friends, by october you will have taken all of your test. there is about 2 weeks inbetween most of them.ugh..

gl! :)


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Anyone else out there applying for GHC spring semester? I wonder when we will hear about acceptances!!


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I decided not to apply to the spring program after all. I decided to wait and find out if I am in it at my home school before going any where else. GL2U!


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Good luck to you at GPC!!


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Thanks, to make a long story short I actually got in at GPC but declined the spot. Basically my adviser at Kennesaw said that's what I should do. She thinks I will get in at Kennesaw so I decided to take her advice and throw in all my chips and take the chance! On my GPC acceptance form I marked the decline but please consider for Fall 2010 box though as a backup to Kennesaw. I also applied to NGCSU for Fall 2010 and I plan to apply to Mercer as well all as backups to Kennesaw. I hated throwing away a sure thing but I just want to go to Kennesaw so bad!

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