Applying for Direct Entry Nursing! Need advice


I have a bachelors degree in Psychology from Florida Gulf Coast University and originally wanted to go into social work. After working at a psychiatric hospital for a while I decided that I was in love with nursing and have applied to Northeastern for the psych track. My GPA is a 3.3, but I do not have my pre requisite GPA yet because I won't be starting them until january, after the application is due. Im hoping that they will be able to see my mid-term grades and take that for something. What do you think?


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Well, first of all, to get concise and prompt answers, you need to contact the admissions office at the school you applied to. From my own experience (I have researched tons of schools and now the majority's admissions requirements), before you apply many schools require that you have completed most of your pre-reqs, especially sciences and have taken the entrance exam, if any. Some schools may allow you to apply if you have most of your pre-reqs completed and take your entrance exam within the application window. Needless to say, if you want increase your chances of getting accepted, it is best to have completed all of the prereqs and passed an entrance exam, so when the do get to your application it will be expedited since you have everything in place.

But like I mentioned in the beginning, contact your school's admissions office and ask.