applying for BSN program in Towson an Maryland for spring semester..need help!


Hi everyone,

I want to get my BSN degree. I am almost done with my pre-requisites and am planning to apply for the spring semester to Towson University and Maryland. I have a 3.5 from my previous CC from another state but have 3.2 in a current CC. It might improve a little more since I am repeating two of my pre-requisites and have to take CHEM 146/147 to fulfill Towson requirement. Does anyone has any idea how they calculate the over all GPA from two colleges and of the repeated course?

What should i need to do to improve my application status? i still haven't taken TEAS yet. How should I study for it? I have a TEAS book that i got from ATI but it is not helping...any other book suggestions?

Will appreciate your response!

Also. are there anyother colleges in Maryland I should apply to?


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Check out bowie state, frostburg, um Baltimore, university of Baltimore. They probably take your transcripts, see what transfers over, and recalculate your Gpa from there.


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Also, Salisbury State. When I was looking at colleges the first time around (wasn't even thinking nursing at that point!), I wish I'd considered this school more closely. Its on the Eastern shore I think. I'm originally from Bethesda, but now in Southwest FL since 2006! Good luck!

Thank you so much . Eastern shore is far from where i live but i will check other universities that you mentioned. It is funny how i moved from Florida to MD..wish i stayed there..