how to apply in hamad medical hospital in doha qatar?

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hey angels in the sickroom, I have some queries and i need your answers to this...i want to apply in hamad medical hospital in doha qatar. first thing is, do i qualify? after my graduation and board exam in the Philippines, i was hired as a company nurse and i don't have a hospital, its been a year working as company nurse and i got bored with the daily routines and i want to accept a new challenge in my career..i want to work in a hospital. 2nd, if i do qualify, where would i apply?to whom would i send my resume?pls help me nurses...i really needed to go up the ladder...

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I'm not sure anyone on this board would be able to give you the information you're requesting unless they are either 1) Currently working at the Hospital you're talking about, or 2) Have worked there in the past.

Like applying at any hospital, you'd first have to research the hospital - via website, brochure, letter query, or go there in person to see if: 1) they have openings, 2) experience required for job your applying for - if you have no experience are they willing to take a new grad (since you'd essentially be considered as since you never worked in hospital setting)? and 3) who/where to apply to - which is indicated on either the website, application, etc...

You must have some kind of info on the hospital to know you want to work there, I'm afraid you're probably not going to get many responses from here as there aren't too many nurses who have specific info on hospitals unless they're working there or have worked there.

You might want to try Googling it and see if you can get the hospitals website. Good luck

Addendum - I just googled it (took 5 seconds), go here for more info

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