Applied for a position with Bon Secours missed call


Hello Everyone,

I applied for a new grad position last night with Bons Secours and when I woke up this morning I saw that I had a missed call from someone around 8:30. It turns out it was someone from HR but when I called back about an hour later no one answered. I left a voice message and called back again a little later and still haven't heard back. I have been filling out jobs for what seems like forever and had no idea I would get a response that quickly. I would love to get the job and I hope I didn't blow it. Does anyone think I still have a chance?? Idk what to do or how the recruitment process works :(

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It's fine. Not everyone answers their phone first call. Were you able to leave a message? Just keep trying (not leaving messages each time though, that would be overly eager ;)


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Thank you! I kept calling back and by surprise she answered and I however bombed the phone screen because I was so nervous/anxious. I have another phone interview with another hospital and hopefully I'll be much more calm :)


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I too need to call HR back. Actually think it was a recruiter. Missed two calls. I'm terrified to work in a nursing home however, so not sure why I even applied lol. I've tried them before and all I do is cry it's so hard.