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Applied to Georgia Perimeter College ADN program


So tonight I applied to a nursing program. I have continued to say that I would do it after I finished all my pre-reqs but thought hey why not. You only have to have AP1 to apply for the Fall semester. I am starting AP2 in January, then I will be in Micro this summer. I have to do this I am confident I can, although I have 4 children and a wonderful hubby. Good luck to everyone who is applying. I am a CMA now, working in a doctors office I love it but I want more. :nurse:(hopeful)

Good luck! I start nursing classes @ GPC in January. Start studying for the TEAS. Once they evaluate your grades, they send you a letter to sit for the TEAS. So you'll have about a month to prepare. If they do things the way the did for Spring applicants. Good luck!

Oh and I'm taking Micro this semester, I highly recommend Dr. Macallister. Don't know if he will be teaching next summer though, but if he is, you should take him. Great prof!

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Thank you for your kind words. Where can I get a TEAS study guide? When you applied did you still have classes left to finished?

They have the ATI study guide in the GPC bookstore - Clarkston Campus- don't know if the other campuses have it. Or you can order directly from the ATI website.

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When I applied, I still had A&P II and Micro left to do, everything else was completed. I did A&P II in the summer and I'm doing Micro now.