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Application for Nurse in the USA

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Good day! I am a 2012 graduate in the Philippines and a RN here as well, i want to work as a Nurse in USA. i am eyeing on Las Vegas Nevada and Pennsylvania since i have relatives there. now i know that i have to do a long run for me to comply with the requirements such as the CGFNS and NCLEX and i know this will take a while. and i haven't worked as a nurse here in the philippines, i shifted to another work career right after graduation. But i plan on going back to the nursing profession anytime soon now to prepare myself for the permanent career for my future. My question is, is it possible for me to work as a nurse with those state that ive mentioned without my relatives sponsoring me? i dont want to bother them and ask them so much of their time since i know they are all pretty busy with their lives but if i had to then i dont have any choice to ask them for help then. thank u very much and i hope to hear from anyone of you! :)

Silverdragon102, BSN

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If you can find a employer willing to wait the several years for you to arrive in the US and work it is possible.

What relationship are your family because only immediate family can sponsor and I think they must be citizens. Plus when they sponsor you are looking at over 10 years wait.

Starting point would be meeting state requirements as many employers will not look at you without meeting requirements and if not passed NCLEX at least permission to take NCLEX

oh i see... thanks for your reply silverdragon102! i'll take things one step at a time for now and focus on the cgfns first and nclex then maybe i could have my relatives over there to find an employer for me. i know things will not be that fast and easy but im still hoping that maybe there could be a little light for me.