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Application for licensure in Ohio

I am going to graduate in May and it is time to send in my application for licensure to the Ohio Board of Nursing. I had a DUI before the age of 21, I am now 40. My instructor told me to attach a separate paper to my application with details of the arrest, where it was, what court, etc., just to be safe, because if they think you are withholding any information, it will delay your application.

Has this happened to anyone else when sending in an application? I want to know if it is really necessary to attach this separate letter explaining my arrest from what seems like a lifetime ago to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yes send in a separate letter attached to your application. When they do the BCI check it will come out, and it is best to have an explaination about it and that you are remorseful about it.

I'm not sure about OH, but here in FL, they tell you if you do not disclose what happened, and they find it out, they will most likely turn your application down.

It's best to be honest and forthright than to not be able to be an RN.

Thank you both for your replies. I will disclose all the information i have about the arrest. I was young and stupid and it has not been a problem since. I pray to God this will not compromise my license after all this work! Thank you.

I would love to hear from someone who specifically had a DUI and became a nurse. Did you disclose it in your application? I don't know what to do! I work with lawyers and they are telling me the application does not ask for that information so there is no need to disclose it. HELP!

Don't listen to the lawyers.

I have spoken to reps from the NCSBN and I have spoken to people who have been through it.

If you do not disclose it, and they find it, they will turn down your application for that. Then you can try to appeal, but every meeting notes I went over, all the applicants who went before the board that had not previously disclosed it were rejected.

It doesn't hurt you for disclosing it, it will only help you, trust me.

Do not worry about it and just do what they ask. My nursing instructor had a DUI in her early adult years and disclosed it, and she never heard anything back, just receiving her sit-pass in the mail and that she was approved.

I stressed about my history and cried so many nights, thinking there was a chance I might not be a nurse after all and same thing happened to me. I sent in all the required info and next thing I knew, I received my sit-pass.

The only things they worry about are charges to do with drugs, abuse, and of course serious crimes that would require jail time.

I wish someone had told me it wasn't a big deal before I spent so much time stressing and crying. I am now an RN and have met so many people with criminal histories who are nurses, it's unbelieveable! The only thing is that they disclosed. I have never met a nurse who didn't disclose it and that's probably because they were turned down.

Thank you so much! You have put my mind at ease! I will definitely disclose it. Should i include details, like dates, etc. Or just say i had a dui when i was 19? Thanks!!!

Whatever they ask. My application (FL) was very specific in saying what details you need to include. I found the state board of nursing website very helpful. Here is what you need to fill out; I got this directly from their website, this is on the application:

3. Have you ever been convicted of, found guilty of, pled guilty to,

pled no contest to, entered an Alford plea, received treatment

or intervention in lieu of conviction, or received diversion for

any of the following crimes (this includes crimes that have been

expunged if the crime has a direct and substantial relationship

to nursing practice)? Place a check mark in the box beside all

that apply:

A misdemeanor committed in the course of practice❒ ❒

in Ohio, another state, commonwealth, territory,

province, or country?

A felony in Ohio, another state, commonwealth, ❒ ❒

territory, province, or country?

A crime involving gross immorality or moral ❒ ❒

turpitude in Ohio, another state, commonwealth,

territory, province, or country?

A violation of any municipal, county, state, ❒ ❒

commonwealth, or federal drug law. This does

not include alcohol related offenses.

If you checked "Yes" to a box above, please provide the Board

with a personal summary of events including the date, county

and state in which the events occurred (attach a separate sheet

to this application), and a copy of the indictment(s), plea(s),

journal entry(s) from the appropriate court.

See, this is where i get confused. I did not check yes to any of those quesitons. DUI's are,or were at the time, misdemeanors. I have never been convicted of any of the things they ask. They ask if they were committed "during the course of practice" and the last question specifically says "this does not include alcohol related offenses" Never once does it say to disclose information about a misdemeanor committed while not in practice.

HI I am new here. I wanted to post comment to this question. Even if you have had this expunsed or sealed it will show up in your BCI report. Do not hide your DUI. Just attach the letter they are more apt. to give you the license if you tell the truth. If you choose not to they state that can and will deny application. Also if they give you license and somehow you fall through a crack because you choose not to disclose this, you will have your license suspensed and pay multiple fines and maybe indefinately or revoded. Please just be honest and send the letter.

There is a complete list of what charges will disqualify you from taking the nclex on the board of nursing website

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