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The science was rough for me too... in fact, I know I got a ton wrong and timed out. I still ended up with 97 percentile in science. So.. my theory is that everyone bombs the science portion lol. Hopefully, you did better than you think. Let us know :)

best of luck.


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I just received my scores in the mail. I'm in the mid to high 90's except for science. I may be an alternate but I'm missing some classes so probably not. How fantastic that you did so well!!! Keep us posted on the rest of the process. You've got this!


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Thanks!! Fingers crossed :)

And you just never know.. I attended the info session today and they would not give any numbers to go by for the point count. Said it varies every year.

Just depends on the group applying...

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and that I too applied for the ADN program at CFCC. I scored in the 90th percentile or higher in everything except the vocational index section where I scored in the 88th percentile. I have already completed all of my general education courses and hope that it is enough to get accepted.

It seems like this year is going to be pretty competitive from the scores that I have heard from people have already taken the PSB thus far. Hopefully we all get in!


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Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has received info on point count review. I haven't .. at least not via mail. I'll have to check cfcc email!

Were you all planning to do that?


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I asked the counseling office on January 30th and received this response:

"The Counseling Office is currently working on all point counts for the ADN program, so I don't have an exact date as of yet. Students will be notified if they qualify for pre-assessment through the mail. Pre-assessment is the time when you verify your points for the program. Program decisions will be mailed to students about 1-2 weeks after the pre-assessment period is over. Please let me know if you have any additional questions."

I'm hoping to hear something very soon.

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Just got home to find my letter with the dates to meet with a counselor to review my point count.

The dates range from February 16th through February 23rd. I would imagine 1-2 weeks after that we would find

out if we made it into the program or not. Also included in the letter they state they will not discuss points over

the phone.

Interested to see if my self-calculated point score matches what they got. Best of luck everyone!

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Waiting on letter any day now! I have 346 points. How does that sound for acceptance??