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I am an LPN but still a professional. Suzy, I owe you an apology. I believe that you were honestly and innocently wondering why people choose to be an LPN as opposed to being an RN. Out of respect for you, I will answer this question. I went to a vocational school, have no intention of staying an LPN but used it as a way to break into the field, and have stayed an LPN for 4 years due to financial situation and disgust with the field (at times). After getting my RN, I will go back to school to complete out my BSCIS degree and will only use nursing for extra money. Fortunately, I should be able to get my RN this year through Excelsior College. I believe many of us misunderstood you and should have given you the benefit of a doubt. I also believe that many of us professionals hit below the belt. I hope that others will follow suit and apologize to you. To the other nurses: It is time for unity, not badgering. If we all stood together, we would be even more powerful than the United States Military (literally, we are bigger than the active U.S. Military in numbers alone).

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Thank you NurseMark. Really, honestly and truly, thank you.


Susy K

p.s I agree with you, our power is in numbers. Nurses represent the single largest profession in America by number. There's something like 2.2 million nurses...hospitals would be on their knees in a matter of minutes if we spoke up and united.

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