apollo college?


Hey everyone

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about apollo college in portland. Like is there anyone out there currently a student or has graduated, or even tried it and hated it? Feedback is appreciated thanks guys!!!


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WE have two new graduates from Apollo at the LTF where I work. I think they are both ex-CNAs.

They seem to be enjoying their LPN positions and did not have a problem finding a job (at the LTC).


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I don't have any personal experience with Apollo's nursing program, but I work with several medical assistants from there who seem smart and skilled.

That being said, the problems with tech schools in general are they often very expensive, and credits earned will not transfer to any accredited college or university. They are often seen as money-making machines, and the reps will tell you what you want to hear to keep enrollment high - that can be especially enticing when competition to get into nursing school is fierce, as it is in Portland.

I would look at their pass rates, get opinions from students who graduated, and be clear about your future educational goals so you can be an informed consumer....

Good luck!


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Thanks so much for replying! And that's awesome news about the new LPN grads from Apollo.

I hate the fact that it's expensive but I'm so sick of waiting and am not willing to relocate cus I love it up here! BUT Idk yet I have all my pre-reqs done and am currently retaking 2 classes for better grades but competition is still fierce with the schools up here which is why I'm considering Apollo just so I can get it done.

But I will definitely research their pass rates and find more people with experience from Apollo's program. Thanks again guys!