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I took the exam and now I have to complete the Core Modules. They are soooo tedious! I first purchased the AANA set. They were beyond horrible. So now I bought the APEX. They are better but still ridiculous. Does anyone have any experience with these and hints to speed up the torture? TIA!

Nope. The AANA front NBCRNA is mandating these for the enhancement of the 'nurse doctor' narrative. They're busy work to give credibility to the Nurse Anesthesiologist title as well as enrich the nurse anesthesia education industry. All the nat'l organizations are doing by mandating these is validating the claims of anesthesiologists that CRNA training and CE are inadequate for independent practice and so they're mandating more CE activity and DNP for entry into practice. 

The irony is those modules are fall off a log simplistic and a good CCRN could pass them. 

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