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AP2 online or in person?

  1. 1. AP2 online or in person?

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      Loacal Community College

Hi AN! Should I take AP2 with Straighterline. I have been raking my brain over going with straighterline or taking AP2 at my local CC insight on the Straighterline course for AP2 would be extremely helpful .

Thanks in advance... Sorry if this is too long!

A little background on me. I planing on going to enroll in nursing school in the Fall. My school is partnerd with SL. I have 3 pre-recs left (AP2, Miro, College Algebra) Miro i am going to take with Straighterline b/c my CC only offers it at the farthest of their three locations. Math I will take online with my CC.

My only real concern is if I should take AP2 with SL or my local CC. I took AP1 at my CC during a 5-week summer course. I failed it The pace was too fast. Then I took it again in a 16-week semester and passed it. ( I am not naturally strong in math and science I have to try really hard ! I also currently have a 16 month old. Mind you I was enrolled in AP1 "again" when my child was 4 days old and passed the course a my CC. I am no stranger to had work but again I really have to try at math and science and I used a recorder and listened to the lectures on my ipod). I would love to take AP2 with my same old teacher. I am scared to take AP2 b/c the teacher I took part 1 with is not teaching part 2 this semester, and I don't want to wait a year to apply to nursing school. Another teacher I don't know is available that had gotten great reviews on rate my professor, but still I do not know her. Would Straighterline work for me?

Straighterline or Community College for AP2?:eek: