AORN Standards, pp69-70

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Does anyone have a copy of this lying around? I need to quote it for a paper, but copied it at work and left it...

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Aw, shoot, I was going to but I have the 2009 edition. :p

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I'm just looking for fingernail recommendations.

One of the experienced nurses I work with in an ACS wears fake nails, and when confronted about it said fingernail policies apply to patients, not nurses; the only reason not to put anything on nails is it interferes with cap refill (that's right, cap refill, not pulse ox.)

We don't have a copy of AORN standards at the ACS, and I don't want to spend the money to buy one right now. My manager asked me to write a blanket statement about fingernail policy and quote AORN Standards...

I'm shocked and impressed that you have any copy lying around!

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Can you pull it up from the website?

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Shocked and impressed? Hahaha, I think we should all have a copy if it didn't cost so dang much. Actually our educator loaned it to me. I really need to get it back to her.

PM sent! Check your inbox.

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No, you have to purchase it to view it :p. I've tried googling it, too.

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