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anything posistive in nursing


Today was the first time in three years that I have been able to take a break. I don't want that for the rest of my career.

I love nursing but I love me more.... and this is getting back breaking....

I did my research before going into the field and I was also told that I would make 25 + and hour and work great flexiable shifts with lots of Benni's

I ahve not seen any of them

excpet that my feet hurt on a daily basis and that I work harder with more stress then my frineds that went to bussiness school

just curious....what dept/field of nursing are you working in?? have you entertained the idea of trying something different within nursing?

I have worked everything excpet ER, OR and ICU

you have not been a nsure that long.... give it time....

I have done this for some time now.... and it iswearing me out...

I am 26 but feeling like I am 56


I am not trying to be a mean person but seriously get back to me in five years and tell me how you feel about nursing

When you have to make descions between the person that is terrible pain and the person that is crawling out of bed... I have worked in many areas of nursing and the answer is not for me toleave and go to another area

the answer is for nurses to stand up for themselves... instead of being punching bags for doc's, other nurse and CEO's that decide how much staff we need in yet they never are on the floor.

The enchantment I had it for awhile... but I am tired of feeling like crap after work and I am tired of my patients sufferring....

when you say things like try another field... I have.... and you know what.... that is not the answer...

It is driving nurses out of the field... and comments like that make me juswant to grit my teeth... becasue it is nures that take the pasive approach and say " well try something else like it is our problem all the nurses that are breaking their backs in this country caring for the ill we are all wrong we jsut ned to try something different

Stand up for yourself and your patients..

I love what I do... but you know what I am not willing to risk one patient or myself for the crap that I put up with....

and nurses have beeng trying another field for to long... it is time we say " I am here and I demand something better"

I didn't in any way mean for you to back down and not be active in improving your situation. Sometimes people that always take care of other people forget to look out for their number 1 patient- themselves. I know that if my job ever made me feel the way that you've expressed, I would be thinking about going another route in my career - for my own sanity. It's not worth my health, ect. to be in a situation that I can't stand.

I truely hope things get better for you.

Agencies are now giving benefits, etc.

Maybe by leaving hospitals and going elsewhere for employment, nurses can make an impression. Not just on one hospital, but the entire healthcare industry. By hospital's penny pinching CEO's being forced into paying agency rates for the ENTIRE staff, maybe they will be forced into realizing the damage that they have inflicted on their facility - and their own wallets.

Oh, well, I'm just rambling. Guess I'll just have to see for myself.

I'll be 28 this month. Hope I don't feel 60 by 30!

Nursing is not going to change until we realize that we have to change...

I've been in nursing for 22yrs. The first 20 yrs as an LPN. I wasn't happy in that capacity so I went back and got my RN. When I started my career, we had to get up and give a doctor our chair when he walked on the unit. Than the big shift came and we started to demand respect and were getting it for awhile. Than came the age of customer vs. patient. When that stuff started, we started losing the ground we had gained. Patients, families, doctors and other nurses talk to us like we're dirt.

I can tell you stories of patients who have said the most outrageous "crap" about me and other collegues and it was taken as gospel, not true, but gospel.

Now, the original question. Even with all this stuff goin on, I would still recommend nursing as a career. BUT, we must stop eating our own. Ever hear of that? It starts in school and never stops.

C'mon ladies and gents, lets lay off each other and take care of our patients and bring honor back to our chosen profession.

The high school nonsense get old! We are professionals,(well some of are at least) Let's start acting like it and get out of high school. In my view this one thing could help stop our shortage.


I agree with you. There has to be a line drawn and consqeueces to be had for inapporitate behavior.

Administration to be included....

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