Anyone work as PDN in Charleston, SC?


I am currently working as a PDN (RN) and will be moving to Charleston, SC in 2.5 months. I work for a company that starts with a "P" and ends with an "A" and am wondering what the pay is for PDN in this area.

I'm currently thinking I don't want to do PDN anymore because the pay isn't worth the work and wear and tear on the body. Also, other healthcare providers treat you like your a joke and have no clue (even w/multiple degree's and obvious intelligence). It seems that in the area I am living in PDN/agency nurses aren't viewed very kindly by the rest of the health care community.

I also feel a large degree of frustration especially lately because of the horrible communication problems in this area of nursing and feeling like my hands are tied so much of the time. I'm also considering trying to find a job in Charleston in another area, how does the job market look in this area?

Any input greatly appreciated!!!



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Are you currently in SC? If not, make sure you apply for a license, it can be time consuming to get. Also make sure all your credentials, such as CPR, are up to date. Gather references, update your resume, and check the career boards. It is very time consuming to try to find work after moving. it's not too soon to start applying for jobs. Sorry I don't have specific details about Charleston.

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No Im not there yet. I still have over 2 months before we move. I'm already working to that end but thanks! Good advice!

I've been looking at what's open in that area, but that doesn't really give me a reliable pay scale.