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Anyone went to these schools??


Hi, so I recently applied to the entry-BSN program at Nova Southeastern University, mainly because I already have an AA and didn't really want to do an AS and then later have to do my BS if I already have and AA and the chance of doing a BS right away. However, the price for NSU is close to $60k and I definitely can't pay that. My question is, has anyone gone to NSU for their BSN program? If so, did you use financial aid or scholarships?

My other option is to just go ahead and do my AS in nursing instead. My options are Broward College or Palm Beach State College. Have anyone gone to either BC or PBSC for nursing? What were your experiences? Which would you prefer?

Hi Tamghis!

I haven't attended any of the schools you mentioned, but as a self-proclaimed "Professional Student" I can tell you a little bit of info about them. Yes Nova is expensive, but it's a good education. I always hear lots of great things from folks that have graduated from there. Palm Beach State is pretty good since they are the only ones I know that offer a part-time RN program. Broward College is a good school and they are affiliated with Memorial Hospital which is a great health system to work for. All three are great schools, but if you can get into Palm Beach or Broward college it would be a good education for much less cash! Not to mention that Broward college definitely has a RN to BSN program as well. Good luck :)

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I did Nova Southeastern's RN-BSN online program and really liked it. I had graduated with an ADN from a community college and if I would've done an RN-BSN through one of the state universities, I would've had to take a bunch of pre-reqs first. With Nova, they didn't require that. So I finished the program really quickly. Yes, it was a bit more expensive but if you figure in that I saved time and money by not taking all those pre-reqs, it was almost a "wash". Nova offers different scholarships for financial aid than you can get if you go to a state university.