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anyone want to help me out, please??

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I am really getting desperate! my paper is due tomorrow and i am still looking for a lovely nurse to ask some questions to. i promise that they are not hard. please, please, please help a poor nursing student not to fail an important class! Thanks a bunch! Here are the questions...

1. Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced in your nursing career - how did you resolve it?

2. List the professional nursing organizations you belong to and describe the benefits of membership.

3. How has nursing changed in the years you have been practicing?

4. What advice would you give me as a student that would help me prepare for the nursing profession?

5. Can you think of an example of "evidence based practice" in your clinical practice area?

6. Describe the most satisfying component of your job.

7. How do you think the nursing profession will be different in the year 2015?


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Check your PM mailbox. I couldn't e-mail as you didn't mark that option when you registered.

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I sent you an email earlier with the questions answered...hope you get your paper done in time!!

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