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Our hospital adopting the AUTROS system for medication administration. I have joined the committee that is setting up the plan for implementation of this system to give the perspective of the bedside nurse who will be useing it. Problem is no one has seen it or used it but are taking the word of the reps from the company who is selling our facility the system.

Anyone out there who can give an overview, pros, cons, etc?


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Is this the system you are talking about?

AUTROS Healthcare Solutions

AUTROS Healthcare Solutions, based in Toronto, Canada, is an international leader in medication management and pharmacy information systems using bar-coding and wireless technology to link caregivers at the point of care. In addition to an extensive application suite, AUTROS offers a complete in-patient/out-patient pharmacy system that can be fully integrated with the AUTROS Point of Care Medication Management System. The pharmacy system can also be used for retail and support of regional services such as home care. The system supports discharge counselling and compliance management.

I worked in a facility that was trying to implement a similar system not AUTROS but the system never caught on completely, I think alot was do in fact to non compliance of the participants (ie: the Nurses were not using the new system they had no time, the physicians had a hard time integrating) But from what I read on this AUTROS page this system looks interesting.

Here is a link for those that want more info:

Sorry I can not help :) :D :)


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Oh but you did help. this is the system that the hospital is looking into, so far we have only introduced the MAR part of it. The units are sitting in our computer network facility and so far aren't linking up correctly. Hopefully we will be able to fully integrate the system, but I think we will get the most problems from the docs, PLUS our facilty never seems to do things all out, but the cheap version, so we'll see.

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