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Anyone use Discover Student Loans


Just wondering if any of you had gotten either your Stafford or private student loan(s) from Discover Student Loans (the same people who do the Discover Card). I find their 2% graduation reward attractive, and I was wondering if anyone had anything positive or negative to say about dealing with them. Did you find the application process and disbursement routine? If you got a private loan, did you have to have a cosigner? Were there any surprises with the rate for a private loan?

Thanks to anyone who can give me their :twocents:!

I have a loan from Discover and so far so good. I did not have to have a cosigner and the approval process was fast. There is also NO origination fee and I liked that too!

Thanks for the info! Do you have a private loan or a Stafford loan with them?

I have an unsub. Stafford with them. Did you apply online?

No, I haven't applied online yet. I am looking at getting a private loan with them, to cover the gap between Stafford and the cost of tuition. I may do my Stafford as well with them, just to have my loans be with one lender.

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