Anyone from UBC, UT, UA, or UC??


[color=olive]hihi~~ i'm a 1st year science student in ubc. (home in calgary, alberta)

[color=olive]i am very interested in becoming a rn~ is there anyone in the nursing program of ubc, ut, ua or uc? please give me some of your opinions in your program, pros and cons~ thanks~

[color=olive]um...also...i am considering to transfer to ut, ua or uc~

[color=olive]here is why:

[color=olive]the 1st semester is almost over...and during the 3month period, i didn't really enjoy being in ubc....mainly because i didn't find the school very supportive.

[color=olive]i understand that there is a huge gap between gr.12 and university, especially on grade issues. so i stayed very focussed throughout the semester, giving out my best effort. however, i keep on getting 50's and 60's, and rarely 70's. (ps. i used to have 90% averages throughout highschool)

[color=olive]the professors and tas seems more likely to be talking to themselves rather than to the students. i hardly get anything out of the classes, so i have to read over the textbooks chapters, find materials online, and get private tutor. the exams are very long, mostly in essay form instead of multiple choice or filling up the blanks. also, the thing that bothers me the most is reasearch far, i had completed 4 already! i asked my friends in ut, ua, and uc, they said they had never been given one!

[color=olive]please don't mind my complains above....they are just my opinions... it could be just me unable to solve the problems...but, i find some classmates having the same thought as me~~ i seriously don't know what i should do.....

[color=olive]my friend in ut told me that the biology class is very interesting....even to a person like my friend who always sleeps in bio class..= =// in contrast, my bio121 class is taught by a first timer, whose teaching style is extremely boring....she's just like a textbook.

[color=olive]people say that ubc is famous for researchs, but not pro at giving out good lectures that can motivate students...i feel the same way....

[color=olive]i am very eager to learn....but it's just so sad that i have to learn abosolutely everything by myself....meanwhile, wasting time in class..

[color=olive]i average is around 65%, not even high enough to make a tranfer to anywhere eh?!! if i stay here in ubc and apply to nursing school after my 2nd year, my own gpa won't get me in the falculty, i heard that ubc's nursing is targetting in the research field, mostly theorietical stuff....very little practice.....

[color=olive]please help me out~~~ >


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You're right there is a big difference between high school and university. That is why many people attend their local community college for that first year. The classes are smaller and you can get attention from the instructors in a more rapid manner. There is also the hard but true fact that you are no longer "a big fish in a little pond" and are in classes with people who have worked just as hard or harder than you to be there, so there will be a higher/harder grading curve to deal with.

Nursing school these days includes a lot of "self learning" modules. I keep hearing that it's like doing a correspondence class in a classroom. Yes, there are papers to research and write. University and college years are all about research, reading and learning for yourself.

Perhaps you would be better returning to Calgary and going to Mount Royal for a semester or two.

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